Afton Properties

Afton Real Estate Investment sought to revamp its brand identity to attract a younger demographic while preserving its reputation for stability and long-term vision. The primary challenge was balancing youthful energy with the company’s established image of reliability. Afton needed to modernize its visual and verbal identity to reflect a contemporary, fresh appeal without alienating its existing clientele who valued the company’s stead, thoughtful approach to investment.

What we did: To address this challenge, we conducted extensive market research to understand the preferences of the target demographic. We redesigned Afton’s brand identity, including a new logo and refreshed color palette, to symbolize both innovation and reliability. We overhauled the website and digital presence to create an engaging, user-friendly experience, featuring bold visuals, dynamic content, and interactive elements. The brand voice was developed to both approachable and authoritative, with marketing materials emphasizing Afton’s forward-thinking approach and long-term success stories. A targeted marketing campaign was launched across digital platforms and print media, complemented by webinars, workshops, and partnerships with influencers to build credibility among younger audiences. The result was increased engagement, enhanced brand perception, and a significant uptick in investment inquiries from younger clients.