Agudah of Illinois

The Situation

Agudah of Illinois, despite its deep-rooted impact on the Jewish communities in Chicago and the Midwest, faced a challenge: many residents were unfamiliar with the breadth of its services and how directly the organization impacts their daily lives. This lack of awareness hindered community members from benefiting fully from Agudah’s support and actively participating in Agudah’s various programs and volunteer opportunities.

The Solution

We embarked on a strategic rebranding initiative. We conceptualized “Agudah of Illinois: A Voice and a Vision,” a comprehensive branding strategy aimed at clarifying and amplifying Agudah’s mission. The fresh visual identity introduced a modernized logo and a color palette that balanced tradition with contemporary appeal. We also crafted a new user-friendly website that serves as a central hub for Agudah’s programs and community services, enhancing accessibility and community involvement. Additionally, targeted ad marketing campaigns were launched to raise awareness and highlight Agudah’s essential role in the community.

The outcome was transformative: increased recognition of Agudah’s services, heightened community engagement, and a stronger foundation for Agudah to continue its impactful work in supporting Jewish life across Chicago and the Midwest.