Project Focus

The Situation

Monumental movements need monumental branding. Project Focus, a historic Chicago-based initiative dedicated to addressing the explosion of technology misuse affecting the lives of individuals and families throughout the world, was no exception. With the goal of educating and galvanizing the wide-ranging midwest community to unite and address the issue together, a challenge emerged—getting the point across in a positive, unpatronizing, respectful manner, without sacrificing on the strength or applicability of the message.

The Solution

There’s nothing like a powerful name to make a great first impression, and with the memorable monicker ‘Project Focus’, the beauty and authenticity of a focused, distraction-free life is immediately communicated. We crafted a vivid, simple visual language to reinforce the urgency of the situation, but retained the brand’s positive approach by keeping all copy practical, relatable and encouraging. At the kickoff event, inspiring signage transformed the location from a massive industrial warehouse into a stronghold of focus, and a booklet full of related infographics and articles offered statistics, research and data as an easy read. Friendly suggestions and slogans printed on items such as coffee cups, house protection stickers and RFID-blocking cell phone “sleeping bags” also helped promote the message in an upbeat fashion.

The Results

There were over 3,000 attendees at the kickoff event, widely surpassing expectations. Word of Project Focus has spread, and the movement, launched in 2018, is now being discussed internationally. The informational booklet has gained traction as well, and is being read and disseminated throughout the US and beyond.

What they said

“The response to the Project Focus event was overwhelming! The Zed Group did the incredible – they took a concept that many would’ve described as an eye-roller and turned it into something everyone wants to be a part of.”

Mr. Aaron Topper and Rabbi Suchi Ehrman, Event Organizers