The Organizing Shoppe

The Situation

When The Organizing Shoppe, an established company with a booming home-organizing business, approached us to redo their website, they had a specific strategy that they needed to be executed. Their goal in redesigning the site was to expand their offering and promote a new branch of products—bundles geared towards professional organizers. The challenge was to market to the new niche while continuing to serve existing clients and the retail audience.

The Solution

The site renovation required intensive planning to ensure that the retail side of the business would not be overlooked by visitors upon the introduction of the professional bundles. Our strategic approach involved placing dual calls to action to both homeowners and professionals at regular intervals throughout the new website and then adding extra callouts highlighting the professional bundles as a new feature of the The Organizing Shoppe. The final site, which flaunts an airy, clean design, is now equally applicable to both target markets. In addition to creating the web overhaul, we sourced the perfect video production team to create corresponding tutorials for each organizer bundle.

What they said

“Zed Group’s strategic planning and on-the-mark suggestions completely transformed our website. Their insights were invaluable. (Plus, the website’s absolutely gorgeous!)”

Rechy Zolty, The Organizing Shoppe