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Rivky Brown

Founder + Creative Director

Rivky Brown directs the launch of hard-hitting, results-driven marketing campaigns for businesses that dare to think bolder and dream bigger. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Rivky graduated from Herzing College in Toronto with a specialization in web and print design.

Before founding Zed Group, she worked as a lead designer at two other marketing agencies and as a mental health therapist—an experience that gave her a unique perspective on marketing: she’s known to listen more than she talks, explore motivation and goals, and she brings a personal and authentic voice to her work.

Best piece of advice

“Compare yourself to no one.
Be inspired by everyone.”

Blumie Diner

Web + Print Designer

As Graphic and Web Designer for the Zed Group, Blumie spends her days dreaming up creative concepts and designing for web and print projects. Blumie launched her career early; as a child, she would spend afternoons coloring the walls of her house, something her mother still reminds her of today.

A perpetual doodler and out-of-the-box thinker, Blumie is known for her sharp eye and impactful, well-executed projects.

Little-known fact

When not playing—er, working—in Adobe Illustrator, Blumie can be found giving piano lessons and experimenting in her kitchen.

Best piece of advice

“Think free. Design hard.”

Nechama Rosenthal

Copywriter + Designer

As a Designer and Copywriter at the Zed Group, Nechama Rosenthal works on branding and design for clients as well as serving as a copywriter for both print and web. Nechama enjoys the challenge of digging beneath the surface to find creative ways of communicating ideas while keeping that crucial balance between creativity and authenticity.

With years of experience as a designer and project manager, Nechama is known for her contagious optimism, breath-of-fresh-air creativity, and her passion for anything vintage (think Polaroids, black & white reels and record players).

Little-known fact

When not hard at work designing or writing, Nechama spends her hours at a pet-therapy ranch where she plays with dogs and brightens lives.

Best piece of advice

“The best way to be sympathetic to
your consumer is to write the truth.”

Dina Willner

Senior Designer

An intuitive visual problem solver with a background in publication and print design, Dina Willner – our newest team member – combines skill with natural talent to produce show-stopping ads and layouts. Though Dina’s formal design career began with her first job as a designer for a newspaper, her involvement in the arts sprouted years ago with her introduction to oil painting, which she finds relaxing and therapeutic. Close to a decade of art lessons and hours unwinding before the easel have turned the walls of her home into a personal gallery.

Dina is known for her meticulous attention to the finer details, as well as her conceptual creativity and easygoing nature.

Little-known fact

When not designing, Dina dabbles in photography and can be found snapping candids and portraits of her nearest and dearest.

Best piece of advice

“It’s the smallest details that make the biggest difference.”

We have connections.

(and we know how to use them.)

While all our projects are carefully managed and designed in house, we’re proud to have developed connections with an A-list group of writers, photographers, videographers, and other creatives around the world specializing in a wide range of industries.

We carefully handpick the best experts to collaborate with for each job to ensure the highest caliber of work and the most successful outcome for every project.

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