Ambitions ABA

The Challenge

The road to relief can be tough for parents of children with behavioral difficulties. The challenges range from concern about the child’s future to the hassles of securing a diagnosis, insurance, and the necessary ABA therapy services.

Ambitions, a trailblazing ABA therapy agency, set out to redefine the ABA landscape with its commitment to delivering exceptionally streamlined operations, well-trained therapists, and an empowering, aspirational vision of children’s futures. We needed to find a way to convey Ambitions’ efficiency, empathy, and support for the overwhelmed parents navigating these obstacles, while inspiring belief in Ambitions’ vision of empowering each child to reach their full potential.

The Solution

In line with Ambitions’ mission to simplify the path to ABA services, we designed a logo, typography, and website that are warm, simple, and welcoming, while maintaining an air of sophisticated professionalism. The user-friendly website, with clear navigation and hierarchy, reflects Ambitions’ commitment to guiding parents through a potentially complicated process.

Finally, the semi-abstract logo icon combines the letter “A” for Ambitions with an upward arrow. The icon symbolizes Ambitions’ vision of propelling children towards a bright, fully-functional future, offering reassurance to concerned parents that, with Ambitions’ support and care, their child can and will lead a happy and productive life.