The Situation

In a simple world, an innovative product like a powerful floating vacuum cleaner would instantly gain the notability it deserves. But in the real world’s heavily-saturated and highly competitive vacuum market, even such a revolutionary new product needs a strong brand presence in order to get off the ground.

The Solution

We designed the FloatVac brand to stand out from the competition by utilizing a friendly, airy approach—a welcome departure from the myriad of stuffy, conservative brands dominating the vacuum market. To appeal to the target market of busy moms, we depicted the vacuum’s unique features—its weightlessness, ease of use and effectiveness—with icons, callouts and targeted copywriting. A clean airiness, reminiscent of the product’s capabilities, extends throughout the FloatVac website and packaging, and the photography, which we had custom-shot for authenticity, was directed to reflect the brand’s joyful, light aesthetic as well.

What they said

“Rivky and her team delivered the goods! They created a striking website for FloatVac that crackles with color and is incredibly easy to use. Their communication with our team in Canada and the US was seamless. We are delighted with the results.”

Rafael Mael, Maelstrom Marketing